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According to Gallup 88% of workers today are “actively disengaged” (or BORED) with their work. They have the skills, but lack the desire they once had to perform their jobs.

So, who makes up the 71%? If you are a Baby Boomer like me, you might think that the 71% are our younger counterparts. I have to admit that was my first thought. However, you might be suprised to know that the “bored” ones actually:

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  • Are men and women between the ages of 30-64
  • Are mostly college graduates and many have post-graduate degrees
  • Earn between $36,000 and $90,000

Sound familiar?

Does this sound at all like you? Do you want more out of your life? Perhaps you want to change jobs? Switch careers? Start your own business?

Perhaps you chose a job or career because it was “expected” of you and now today is just like yesterday – passionless and boring. Maybe your paycheck and benefits appear to be good, but at the end of the day you feel invisible – just another worker – as if you had no positive impact on those around you. What is the reason you have not pursued your passion? Could it be that you need some help making the changes you want to make? Maybe you don’t believe that change is possible?

You are in the right place!

If you can identify with any of these statements you are at the right place! Once upon a time I heard someone say that if you don’t start today, where do you think you will you be in 5 years? The same place you are right now. Today is your day to start!

My #1 goal at Bucking Boredom is to help you discover – or re-discover – your passion in life – that work that you were meant to do.  The work that you want to do so badly, you would do it for free! I want to help you find purpose, find your work, and make the salary that you want to make.

Let’s Get Started

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